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Recordings from Baltimore

These selections deal with some of the more difficult aspects of life in Baltimore. The language is “clean” but the topics can be troubling.

Poetic Convergence: In March, 2002, Uniquely Spoken (mentors Phaye Poliakoff-Chen and Mark Stibich, with students from Dunbar High School) recorded the student poetry at Baltimore's Center Stage. The “Poetic Convergence” was the product of the theatre's Encounter Program, an effort to bring together Baltimore high school student across lines of difference. Students met weekly at the theatre to examine issues around oppression, group identity, and privilege using theatre, poetry, and music as media for learning and understanding. We post here excerpts from a CD co-produced by Center Stage and Uniquely Spoken.

Keli Westbrook reads “Rape”

Danielle Simpson reads an untitled poem.

Timothy Melton lives in Baltimore. He calls himself “the poet Omega.” We met him at a community networking day at Baltimore's Northeast Market where he read from his book, “Witness to Genocide,” about drug use and recovery. All rights reserved by Timothy Melton.

Hear Timothy Melton read "Dope Fiend."