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Remington Youth Radio Project

The Remington Youth Project Radio (RYPR) is a project of Art on Purpose, a community arts organization dedicated to using art to bring people together around issues and ideas. Since October, 2008, RYPR youth participants ages 8-15 have become interviewers, documentarians, artists, and all-around good listeners in a project aimed at collecting and disseminating Remington residents' stories and opinions about their community and the issues it faces. Aided by Art on Purpose program director Beth Barbush, the young people have created several ready-for-radio audio pieces. They have interviewed numerous neighborhood residents and built a portrait of the hidden stories of the neighborhood. Here are a few samples of their work:

At the polls: youth interviewers talk to poll workers and voters about their choices and reasoning; the US Presidential election, recorded November 4, 2008.

Beth Barbush talks to Selena and Kelsy – two young women from Remington who aren't yet old enough to vote. They talk about their feelings about the candidates, what motivates people to vote, and what they would do if they were elected President themselves.

Andre has a feature on Sterling's Crab and Oyster House, a restaurant that has been in Remington since 1949.

An interview tracing the history of Remington's community garden.

What's it like on the Remington Neighborhood Walk?

Find out more:

Beth Barbush: ebarbush at artonpurpose.org

Greater Remington Improvement Association: www.griaonline.org